Anatomie Instrumenten-Systeme

MA-1005 Extracted Embalming Table

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The embalming table MA-1005 is specially designed for the perfusion of bodies (human and veterinary) with fixation / conservation fluid. The downdraft extraction area of the working surface is extra large as a lot of fixation fluid is used and the evaporation is very intensive. The body is connected to the “PerfuTek” perfusion system by injection needles. The fixation fluid is located in a tank next to the table and a special pump system is available for the perfusion.

MA-1005Extr. Embalming Table

Perfusions-Systeme für Ganzkörper mit Absaugung

MA-1450 Perfu-Tek Anatomy Body Perfusion System

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Electrically operated and mobile body / tissue-fixation-system. Pump system with adjustable perfusion pressure 0 - 3 bar Injection handpiece for 3 different perfusion needles: - standard needle 75 x 4mm dia. straight - arthery needle 30 x 3mm dia. with 90° bend - muscle needle 150 x 2mm dia. straight Incl. all hoses and accessories, ready for operation!
Dimensions: 210(W) x 350(D) x 220(H) mm

MA-1450 Perfu-Tek
MA-1450 Perfu-Tek


"Perfu-Tek" Standard Injection Needle MA-1451

Dim. 75 x 4mm dia. straight
Material: stainless steel

"Perfu-Tek" Arthery Needle MA-1452

Dim. 30 x 3mm dia. with 900 bend
Material: stainless steel

"Perfu-Tek" Muscle Needle MA-1453

Dim. 150 x 2mm dia. straight
Material: stainless steel

Oscillating Bone Saw with / without vacuum action MA-2060

Handpiece can be serilized without disassembly
Toxic dust is removed by integrated vacuum system.
No damage to user due to oscillating blade action!
Ideal for autopsies, necropsies, orthopaedic work and
anatomical applications.
24 V safety design. Saw may be liquid-sterilized.
Delivery includes:
Saw with flex. hose, 3 diff. saw blades, 1 filter, 1 mobile
vacuum system, transformer 40 VDC.
Weights: Handpiece 1,7kg / vacuum unit 12kg


Blade, circular 64mm dia. (pack of 10) MA-2061

Blade, circular 76mm dia. (pack of 10) MA-2062

Blade, segmentet 51mm radius (pack of 10) MA-2063

Vacuum Hood (pack of 10) MA-2064

Paper Filterbag (pack of 50) MA-2065

Cloth Filterbag MA-2066

Micro Filter 0,6µ (pack of 10) MA-2067

Vacuum Pipe 1,5m MA-2068

MA-1313 Fixation container (mobile) for anatomical use

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Lid with airtight rubber seals
Handle with lock
4 castors with locks
Material: stainless steel for all parts
Dimensions: 780(L) x 600(W) x 500(H)mm

Note: container with vacuum also available!
We manufacture all types of fixation containers
in any size!


MA-1314 Organ Scale (table top modell)

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Analog display 0-30kg. Material: stainless steel


MA-1335 Mortuary Body Scale

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Mortuary Body Scale MA-1335 Modern electronical scale for precise weighing of corpses Scale platform is build into floor so that tranporter can directly be driven onto the platform. Digital Wall mounted operating panel with digital display with net and gross-weight function. Max. weight: 1000 kgs with 200g increments. Material: stainless steel DIN / CE 1.4301 for all parts Dimension scale platform: 2200(L)x1000(W)mm Floor preparation frame: 2200(L)x800(W)x150(D)mm


MA-9999 Stainless Steel Lab Furniture

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We do manufacture all type of stainless steel laboratory furniture (wall cabinets, tables, instrument trolleys, mobile cabinets, wet specimen storage cabinets etc.) according to your specifications! Please send us your plans, whishes and detailed needs! Special service: Professional 3-D "CAD" laboratory planning according to your ideas and drawings by "A.R.P. International - Institute Planners" Anatomie - Forensic Medicine - Pathologie Only documents we need is a clean plan by the architect and another one with your ideas. A.R.P. will send you a quotation before they start with the planning work.


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